I am a Designer, and a Maker, a Doër, a Thinker.
I create. I never stop thinking.
I think about myself, other people, about love, the word 'pretty', about life and the world.
How do other people see the world?
Why do they do what they do?
What are only pretty things never enough?
I like pretty things but behind those things is also a beuatiful story, problem or thought.

As a designer we have the task to solve problems.
And that can be concieved in a broad way.
We as designers make people see the world in a certain way. We ensure that a chair can be a chair.
We do not yet realize how big our impact can be with these kind of things. But everything, everything is designed. And on everything we have influence.
This awareness must grow because we view things differently as designers and we must pass this on to the rest of the world.